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Welcome to the website of the company that will change your life and your house. We are dedicated to making home improvement projects easy on everyone and accessible to everyone. This is why we are more than glad to share projects, tips and improvement ideas with you guys. Read everything you ever wanted to know about cleaning tiles and grout on this website, and you will surely not regret it.


Our services include many things which will help you add value to your home. So if you are into home improvement, read on.

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The very first thing we can help you with and something which a lot of our clients ask for is replacing a broken tile. We can also restore it and help you keep the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen.

Our team does expert tile cleaning which will help you get a neater appearance of your home. Also, we are more than glad to instruct you how to keep them that way after being cleaned thoroughly.

We also offer expert grout cleaning. Grout is notoriously easy to stain, and it leaves a mark on the entire room. To make your bathroom or kitchen look a lot prettier, you need to get those stains out.

Another thing we offer is placing new tiles. Whether there are already tiles it does not matter. We can put new ones or restore existing ones. Any place which could use some tile replacement, we will do it. 

If you are not sure what to do with your kitchen or bathroom, and your tiles and grout, we also offer you with a piece of mind of our designers who have more than enough experience with these situations.

  • I wanted to replace the tiles in my bathroom, but after a friend told me about the wonders these guys can do cleaning your tiles and grout, I have decided to give it a go. I must say I made the right decision! It is an amazing way to save money and get your house look amazing!

    Scott Goudie

  • Ever since my wife passed away, I have felt as if I was helpless around the house when it comes to home improvement projects. I have hired this lovely team to help me clean my tiles and grout, and they have been so kind as to teach me how to do it on my own as well. 

    Patek Philippe

  • Living in a rented apartment is always a bit stressful, so imagine how I felt when my friend broke a tile in my bathroom. After panicking, I decided to help it get replaced, and I contacted this agency. And I did not even have to tell my landlord about it! It saved me big time!

    Madeline McCloud

  • My wife kept complaining of the mold on the grout in the kitchen, and I decided to do something about it. I read about cleaning tiles and grout on your site, and I decided to do it myself. I was most impressed with the result and, my wife was never happier! 

    John Clarke

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